Are we witnessing a revolution in the treatment of endometriosis?

February, 2023

Meet the Israeli biotech start-up paving the way towards a next-generation treatment for endometriosis

Israeli Companies Seek to Transform Women’s Health Care

December 2022

Israeli tech making strides in women’s health

May 2022

This Women’s Health Week, let’s explore some of the Israeli technologies that are helping countless women around the globe achieve better health outcomes

Gynica announces strategic partnership with Hempstreet, India’s largest cannabis company

May 2022

Gynica announces a strategic partnership with Hempstreet, India’s largest retail to research cannabis company, aimed to combine traditional knowledge and formulations with cutting-edge scientific and technological capabilities.

Gynica presented its scientific work at the University of Oxford

March 2022

As part University of Oxford’s Women’s Health AIMday 2022, Gynica was one of twelve companies to participate and present their work and challenges.

5 Common myths about Endometriosis

March 2022

Towards Endometriosis Awareness Month, Dr. Sari Prutchi Sagiv, Gynica’s VP R&D, published an article regarding 5 common myths & stigmas surrounding Endometriosis.

20-Minute Leaders “Cannabis and women’s health have each been neglected for many, many years.”

February 2022

Not everyone is willing to tackle one taboo subject in their work, but CEO and co-founder of Gynica, Yotam Hod, is combining two often stigmatized and neglected topics: cannabis and women’s health.

Comforting women: how Israeli start-up Gynica is helping women with cannabis-based products

December 2021

The first-ever clinical trial dealing with cannabis-based vaginal products that treat gynecological problems has just completed a round of preclinical studies.

Israeli company uses cannabis for women’s health solutions

December 2021

Gynica, an Israel-based company, is looking to address several medical conditions in women’s health through the use of an unconventional treatment method – cannabis.

Gynica announces a strategic investment and partnership with Tikun-Olam Cannbit

June 2021

“Tikun Olam-Cannbit takes another step into the pharmaceutical arena…

Gynica signed a key distribution agreement with Altman Health, the market leader in Israel for OTC & supplements, for its CBD product line.

May 2021

Gynica And Lumir Labs Partner Up To Find Marijuana-Based Endometriosis Treatment

Jan 2020

Gynica, a company that focuses on clinically proven cannabis-based solutions in the field of women’s health, developing optimal therapeutic results based on innovative technology and understanding of the pharmacological effects of different cannabinoids and compounds, targeted to specific female-related diseases, is collaborating with Lumir Lab, a research and development lab focused on cannabinoids, to find a cannabis-based treatment for endometriosis.



This Week’s Top Cannabis News: Stocks In Bright Green, Corporate News, And A Congressional Hearing

Jan 2020

Gynica and Lumir Lab announced they have formed a partnership focused on finding a cannabis-based treatment for endometriosis, a topic discussed in a recent Forbes article featuring Lara Parker.



Early Success in Trials: Gynica Anticipates 2021 Clinical Launch

March 2020

Gynica’s preclinical studies for a cannabinoid-based treatment for endometriosis, dysmenorrhea (menstrual pain) and dyspareunia (painful intercourse) is already showing promising results. The study is led by Prof. Lumir Ondrej Hanus, the chemist responsible for the definition and isolation of active cannabinoid compounds in 1992. A clinical trial led by Gynica’s Principle Investigator and global leading endometriosis specialist Dr. Yuval Kaufman, is slated for Q4 2021. Research and development for the trial are managed and designed by Gynica VP of R&D, Dr. Sari Prutchi Sagiv, and supervised by President Prof. Moshe Hod. 

Endometriosis latest target for medical cannabis research

Dec 2019

Israeli startup Gynica will research and develop its cannabis-based treatment at the newly licensed Lumir Lab on the Hebrew University campus.



Strainprint Technologies, Lumir Lab and Gynica Announce Clinical Trial Partnership Establishing World’s First and Largest Database of Medical Cannabis Effects on Women

Dec 2019

TORONTO, Nov. 15, 2018 /CNW/ – Strainprint Technologies Ltd., the leader in cannabis data and analytics, today announced a partnership with Israeli research leaders, Lumir Lab and Gynica to conduct the world’s first international clinical study on the use of cannabis to treat endometriosis. Endometriosis, a condition where tissue from the uterine lining migrates to other organs inside the body affects roughly 180 million women worldwide. It is estimated that 1 in 10 women between the ages of 15 to 49 will be affected by symptoms of endometriosis during their lifetime.



Israeli Scientists Probe Benefits Of Cannabis To Treat Painful Gynecological Condition

Dec 2019

Israeli researchers recently announced that they are studying the use of medical cannabis to treat endometriosis, a painful gynecological condition that affects some 176 million women worldwide and about 1 in 10 women of reproductive age. It is the second most common gynecological condition. Its exact cause is uncertain and there is no known cure.


Israeli researchers probe how cannabis can treat endometriosis

Dec 2019

Israeli researchers have started pre-clinical studies to examine the impact of medical cannabis in the treatment of endometriosis, a medical problem that affects one in 10 women of childbearing age.

The research is led by Gynica, which is licensed by the Health Ministry to develop cannabis-based products for women, in cooperation with Lumir Lab, a cannabis research facility in the Biotechnology Park, Hadassah Ein Karem, Jerusalem.



Innovation Israel: Exploring Cannabinoid Treatments for Endometriosis

Dec 2019

Israeli researchers have begun pre-clinical studies to examine the impact of medical cannabis in the treatment of endometriosis, a medical problem that affects about 176 million women worldwide. The disorder occurs when tissue that usually lines the uterus – the endometrium begins to grow outside the organ.This disease impacts one in 10 women of reproductive age. It causes the uterine lining to grow outside the uterus and into other areas of the abdominal cavity and in the pelvis—the fallopian tubes, and ovaries.


Gynica establishing a Groundbreaking Database of Medical Cannabis Effects on Women

10 oct 2018

Gynica, Lumir Lab, and Canadian startup Strainprint have announced a partnership to develop the world’s first and largest database of the effects of cannabis on women, starting with a focus on endometriosis symptoms. Gynica is currently running a preclinical trial to identify the most effective cannabinoid formulation for endometriosis patients. Using Strainprint’s proprietary digital research platform with an outcomes-tracking mobile application for gathering data from patients in real time, the trial involves jointly recruiting patients in Israel and Canada to gather, store, and monitor patient data. The quantitative web-based analytics platform enables medical cannabis industry participants to mine the anonymous data in real time and utilize an online community platform for recruiting research participants and driving custom surveys and questionnaires. With Lumir Lab’s clinical investigative expertise and Strainprint’s social-technological solutions, Gynica has the tools to construct groundbreaking/pioneering treatments for the real needs of women worldwide.