Early Success in Trials: Gynica Anticipates 2020 Clinical Launch

Feb 2019

Gynica’s preclinical trial of a cannabinoid-based treatment for endometriosis is already showing promising results. The study is led by Prof. Lumir Ondrej Hanus, the chemist responsible for the definition and isolation of active cannabinoid compounds in 1992. A clinical trial led by Gynica’s Principle Investigator and global leading endometriosis specialist Dr. Yuval Kaufman, is slated for Q1 2020. Research and development for the trial are managed and designed by Gynica VP of R&D, Dr. Sari Prutchi Sagiv, and supervised by President Prof. Moshe Hod. Products in Gynica’s pipeline include cannabinoid-based treatments for other gynecological disorders and problems such as dysmenorrhea (period cramps) and menopause symptoms.

Gynica establishing a Groundbreaking Database of Medical Cannabis Effects on Women

10 oct 2018

Gynica, Lumir Lab, and Canadian startup Strainprint have announced a partnership to develop the world’s first and largest database of the effects of cannabis on women, starting with a focus on endometriosis symptoms. Gynica is currently running a preclinical trial to identify the most effective cannabinoid formulation for endometriosis patients. Using Strainprint’s proprietary digital research platform with an outcomes-tracking mobile application for gathering data from patients in real time, the trial involves jointly recruiting patients in Israel and Canada to gather, store, and monitor patient data. The quantitative web-based analytics platform enables medical cannabis industry participants to mine the anonymous data in real time and utilize an online community platform for recruiting research participants and driving custom surveys and questionnaires. With Lumir Lab’s clinical investigative expertise and Strainprint’s social-technological solutions, Gynica has the tools to construct groundbreaking/pioneering treatments for the real needs of women worldwide.