Gynica and Lumir Lab Redefine Women’s Health

Lumir Lab, named for the world-renowned analytical chemist Lumír Ondrej Hanuš, a leading figure in the field of cannabis research, is the first and only lab licensed by the Ministry of Health to research cannabis as it relates to women’s health.

It is only by deriving distinct, active ingredients from the cannabis plant that we can identify the optimal cannabinoid-based treatment for endometriosis and determine the minimal amount of compounds necessary with best efficacy.

Cannabinoid-based pharmacology requires a leap into precise & consistent compounds and formulations, the likes of which have not been seen in this field.

The scientific partnership with Gynica’s team of leading experts in gynecology opens up new pathways for solutions to treating women’s illnesses and conditions including endometriosis, PMS, dysmenorrhoea, and menopause symptoms. To research and identify the optimal cannabinoids for these conditions, Gynica requires high-end laboratory facilities and expert cannabinoid researchers. Lumir Lab’s foundational cannabis background and state of the art, licensed research + development laboratory make it the perfect partner in this pursuit.

Currently, the only treatments on the market for endometriosis are insufficient and target only pain management. An ideal drug treatment eliminates lesions, prevents recurrence, reduces pain and has no negative impact on the ovulation cycle. For the millions of women suffering from this condition, reaching this caliber of treatment is a necessity.

Working together with Lumir Lab, Gynica has at its fingertips the tools, technologies, and resources to analyze and create revolutionary solutions.

Cannabis is ripe with benefits and medical therapies for the female body. The Gynica and Lumir Lab collaboration is a strong synergetic force for the research, development, and dissemination of powerful treatments to lifelong pain and suffering.

Gynica therapeutics product delivery concepts, developed by Lumir Lab.

A Crowdsourcing Analytics Collaboration for Women’s Health

Strainprint ( is a Canada-based startup that has developed a proprietary digital research platform with an outcomes-tracking mobile application for gathering data from patients in real time. The quantitative web-based analytics platform enables medical cannabis industry participants to mine the anonymous data in real time and utilize an online community forum platform for recruiting research participants and driving custom surveys and questionnaires.

Gynica & Strainprint’s collaboration aims to develop the world’s largest database of cannabis’ effects on women, starting with a focus on endometriosis symptoms.

We intend to conduct a world-leading international and comprehensive study on the use of cannabis to treat symptoms of endometriosis (the Study). The Study protocol will be developed by Gynica/Lumir Lab with the intention of jointly recruiting patients in Israel and Canada to gather/store/monitor patient data through Strainprint’s various technology solutions. Gynica is currently running a pre-clinical trial to identify the most effective cannabinoid formulation for endometriosis patients.

Gynica focuses on clinically-proven cannabis-based solutions in the field of women’s health, developing optimal therapeutic results based on innovative technology and understanding of the pharmacological effects of different cannabinoids and compounds that target specific diseases.

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